Follow up on the latest improvements andΒ updates.


You can now pass Tags and Play Gates information to High Level, and trigger campaigns, automations, and manage your leads based on actions taken inside your Vidalytics' videos.
Streamline your sales processes, optimize conversions, set up intentional retargeting campaigns and personalize marketing outreach with this powerful integration.
To learn more, check our documentation on how to set it up here.
Happy selling!
You now have access to our new player in your Vidalytics dashboard (yay!)
It is much leaner, meaner and converts better in all the testing we’ve done so far.
Some improvements we've seen with it:
  • Faster startup times. We're seeing a
    30% decrease in startup time,
    which will directly increase your conversions.
  • Better video quality
    because of its improved adaptability for β€œon the fly” internet speed changes (especially good on lower resolutions)
  • Higher compatibility with all Apple devices (we used core Apple technology in our media engine)
  • Resolution adapts faster
    , starting on the 4th second of your video. So, even if your video starts up in low quality, you will experience the highest resolution on a good connection after the first 3-4 seconds.
How to enable the new player for your videos:
Go to your My Vids page.
Find the New Player toggle to the right of your Vids list.
Toggle it on (the toggle will turn blue). That's it!
Image 2023-10-31 at 20
You can toggle it on / off for any videos in your account. :)
No republishing is needed
, but be aware it takes up to 15 minutes for this switch to take effect on your website. ;)
Note: the new player will be less supported by iOS before its 11.2 version (iOS 11.2's is no longer supported by Apple).
In the coming months we’re going to transition all videos to the new player, but we want to give you enough time to test it out for yourself and adjust player code customizations, if you have any. If you have these, you’ll need to make sure they work by the final switch date of
January 31st, 2024,
after which you won’t be able to use our existing player anymore.
SSO Login
You can now use your Google or Microsoft accounts to log into Vidalytics. When creating a new account, simply choose either one of them and enter your current login details to create a Vidalytics account.
No more having to remember new passwords! πŸ˜‰
Video Startup Quality Selection
Select how you'd like your video to start playing. As fast as possible in a lower quality to catch your viewer sooner? Or are you not super concerned with speed for a specific video and you'd like to give your viewer a crisper image, even if they have to wait a bit?
Now you can select how your video starts up from the Vid Settings page. Simply go to the Play Options section and select an option under 'Video Startup Quality'.
Image 2023-06-15 at 14
If you're not sure, we recommend sticking to the 'Auto' option, which will always play the best resolution possible for the video to play fast, given the viewer's internet speed.
Note: this feature relates only to
quality. After the initial seconds, your video will fall back to using our adaptive bitrate streaming and will play as normally.
πŸ†™ Improvements
  • CTAs: Show to returning viewers
We have added an option to the CTA feature to show the CTA to a returning viewer ONLY if the viewer reached the CTA time during their previous session (and, therefore, saw the CTA before).
You can find and enable the new option in each individual CTA, under
Show to returning viewers > Only When Triggered Before
Image 2023-06-15 at 14
  • Restricting closed caption file types
To prevent any friction when using our closed captions feature, we restricted the accepted file types to be only .vtt, .scc and .srt
  • Smart Vids choices sent to Hubspot
You can now pass Smart Vids selections as contact activity to HubSpot. This way, you can trigger specific email campaigns based on what your user has selected while interacting with your Smart Vid.
The choices work the same way as current Play Gates or Tags are being sent to HubSpot, so there's nothing new to learn if you're already familiar with those. Just make sure your integration is turned on πŸ˜‰
To learn more about the HubSpot integration, go here.
πŸ› Bug Fixes
  • In the past, viewers that came to your website a second time to watch a brand new video, were treated as returning viewers. We have fixed this, so returning viewers are only counted if they're watching the same video, and they're not tied to the domain at all.
Your upload experience inside Vidalytics just got an upgrade!
Upload Files Via Drive and Dropbox
You can now bring your videos to Vidalytics straight from one of these third party services.
Simply go to the Upload page and select the one you'd like to use.
Once you've selected it, you'll be prompted to give Vidalytics access to import your videos. Grant Vidalytics permission to bring the files over, and you're set. It's that easy! 🌈
Image 2023-03-22 at 16
Upload Videos Directly Into Folders
You can now upload your videos straight into folders, so you can stay organized even before going to your My Vids page.
After your videos are done uploading, simply select them from the uploads list, and add them to an already existing folder, or create a new folder for them, all without leaving the upload page!
Once you make your way to the My Vids page to make any edits, all your videos will be stored where they belong πŸ˜‰
Screen Recording 2023-03-22 at 16
Skip /Β Rewind with Keyboard Arrows
Your users have been able to use their keyboard arrows to skip and rewind for a while now, but this was only possible when there was a seeking bar present.
To make this feature more flexible to you, we have added the option to also enable these fast forward / rewind actions when there's no seeking bar at all.
The option is turned off bu default, so if you want to enable it, please head over to your Vid Settings page, open the Style section, and click on the 'Skip / Rewind with Keyboard Arrows' option.
Image 2023-03-22 at 16
Note: the keyboard arrows will still work by default when the seeking bar is present. This option will make them work also when there's no seeking bar visible. This feature does not work with the Rapid Engage Bar.
Interactive videos are here! πŸ§ πŸ’‘
You can now use "choose-your-own-adventure"-type videos inside of Vidalytics to segment your viewers and give them a sense of control over what they are watching.
Create as many branches as you want, and use them to target your message to the right audience.
With this feature you'll be able to:
  • Add button choices on top of your video as buttons
  • Add clickable areas defined by you on the video itself, in case your video recording has images to choose from already
  • Have up to four choices your viewers can select to go to a different branch in your messaging that connects with them
  • Display your options at the end of the video, or in the middle of it as it keeps playing
  • Choose how much time your viewers have to select an option (or not!)
  • Choose from different countdown timer styles to tell them how much time they have left to choose
  • Have a default video play in case they don't select any of the options you provide, so they are never stuck for too long
  • Give them the chance to jump back to the previous step to change their answer, or to the very beginning of their journey to start over!
Image 2023-02-01 at 21
This feature is now available to users on the Premium plan or above, and accessible here.
This one is all about stats πŸ€“
URL Parameters
You can now see URL Parameters as a Stats segment.
Simply go to your stats page and click on URL Tracking on the sidebar. It'll open up a dropdown from which you can choose the specific URL parameter that you want to visualize on the table.
Screen Recording 2022-11-24 at 17
Your table will then apply the segment, and show you all the values for the specific parameter on the table and the player!
Image 2022-11-24 at 17
Unmute Rate
Another addition to the stats page is the highly requested
Unmute Rate
. You can see it now in your main metrics below the video.
With this new piece of data, you can see what percentage of your visitors are deciding to interact with your video πŸ˜‰
If your unmute rate is a bit low for your taste, you can try a new thumbnail or first few seconds of the video to grab your visitors' attention and prompt them to play!
🫢 New Features
  • Resetting Stats
    is now possible from your Stats page for each video. Just make sure you really, really want to get rid of all your video's data, as you won't be able to recover it once it is done.
  • Rewind / fast forward buttons on player:
    you can give your viewers the option to rewind or fast forward your video 10 seconds in case they want to re-watch something or skip to the next section quickly. These buttons will only be visible if they hover over the video on desktop, or if they pause it on mobile. You can enable this feature in Vid Settings > Style > Controls.
Image 2022-11-10 at 12
  • You can
    stretch thumbnails
    over your videos, no matter the aspect ratio of each. Before, we tried to keep you original thumbnail's dimensions, so as to not distort it. You can now overwrite this by choosing to stretch any thumbnail you upload to your video. Find this option under Vid Settings > Thumbnails.
πŸ“ˆ Improvements
  • You spoke and we listened. We have increased the upload file size limit to 8GB from 4GB. Get uploading!
πŸ› Bug Fixes
  • Additional users that were added to an account weren't able to view or edit video settings. This has been fixed, and all your viewers should have access to any settings you shared with them.
Good news for our
you can now add multiple users to your Vidalytics account!
You can also
set different permissions
based on the level of access you want to give to each of those users according to their responsibilities inside your team πŸ˜‰
How it works:
Find the Users Settings page by clicking your name on the top right of the app. Your page will look like this:
Image 2022-09-29 at 12
Go to +New User and start adding as many people as you want.
Image 2022-09-29 at 12
You can set specific permissions for each user, such as uploading videos, but maybe not changing their settings.
This gives you complete control over who in your business can perform different actions, based on what their role is.
Have any feedback? Would you like to see improvements on this feature? Write to us at [email protected]. We love to hear from you!
πŸ—οΈ Improvements
  • Video embed codes are now available as soon as your videos are uploaded.
    This will save you a ton of time if you're uploading your videos and need to deliver assets to other team members to add to your website. Your video will be available as soon as it finishes processing, and you won't have to do anything else πŸ’ͺ
  • We consolidated ⏩
    Skips & Rewinds
    βͺ into one button on the Stats page, so you don't have to click twice to see and / or hide the video heatmaps.
  • You can now
    use our Conversion embed code with tag management tools like GTM
    . This will make it easier to integrate Vidalytics with your other marketing analysis tools.
  • We added the
    ability to always display the control bar
    , as opposed to just on mouse hover. You can enable this feature by going to Vid Settings > Style > Seeking Bar > Always show.
Image 2022-09-27 at 19
πŸͺ² Bug Fixes
  • Exit CTAs were not being displayed on the Tiktok browser. We have taken care of this, and have pushed the fix to all the videos in our platform, so there's nothing for you to do πŸ˜‰
↔️ Integrations
We just released new integrations, and improved on already existing ones. Keep on reading for all the details...
  • Google Analytics & GTM
    just got upgraded, and now you won't have to manually add any code to your site, aside from your GA or GTM code and your Vidalytics video embed code. Check out your integrations page to set up the events you'd like to send to either of these platforms.
  • The
    integration will send the same events you can send to Google, so you can build retargeting audiences based on different player events. Currently, the events you can send are: watched percent, play, pause, pause percent and play gate submission.
  • We also just released a
    integration, so you can send tags and play gate events directly to this CRM, without having to go through Zapier anymore 🀩
  • Lastly, we just made public our
    Make / Integromat
    integration. There's nothing for you to set up inside of Vidalytics for this one, but we wanted to let you know that now you can use the two systems together, just like you've always been able to with Zapier πŸ˜‰
ℹ️ Important note:
after you have set up all the integrations you want, make sure you republish your videos, so they also get updated to pass data to these third-party apps according to the settings you have selected. You will have to republish your videos anytime you make changes to your integrations for the time being. We're planning on automating this process, but for now it'll be a manual action on your part.
πŸ“šTraining Center
We have a brand new Training Center that you can always access from within the Vidalytics web app.
For now, it includes introductory videos to the app on how to use all the features and take advantage of all that Vidalytics has to offer.
Keep an eye out for new content on this section of your main sidebar, as the plan is to release new content regularly ;)
Image 2022-08-09 at 19
πŸ› Bug Fixes
  • We had a bug in our encoder that was not applying a high enough bitrate during encoding, and lowering videos' quality. We have just pushed a fix for this and now all the videos you upload should play in better quality across the board πŸŽ‰
As always, if you have any questions or concerns, hit us up via the chat!
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